15. I am concieted and only love myself
14. I allow my friends to paint my hair with art supplies
13. I speak of things that make no sense even to me
12. I have a rapist tree frog that passed on
11. I create new words from insurance names (ex: Nationwide = Nationwoid)
10. My aspiration is to gain control of the world's salt and marry a prince so I can one day become the Queen of Salt. Mwa ha ha! ha ha?
9. My second greatest fear is of the paper plate
8. My greatest fear is having my eyes gauged out with a plastic spoon (I'm being serious)
7. I know it is'nt healthy, but I bathe my food in salt
6. My cat's dream is to kill me (in the most painful way possible)
5. I like to read russian novels
4. I like to number backwards
3. My skin has practically no pigment
2. I make up songs that make me sound like a leprechan saying CHA!
1. I like to make lists about why I am unique

*Disclamer: Queen of Salt Enterprise has no correlation with Nationwide Insurance and bears no ill will towards leprechans or tree frogs.*

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